Exclusive video. Life – you! – wrote this…

Delete that!
Take that down!
Remove this video!
What is wrong with you? 

Delete that!
I've reported it! –
Everyone else should too!

Delete that WTF!
He died? What the fuck... 
did this guy do!? He just 
stood there with his 
back to the wall!

...If Biden is elected,
it would happen in the US… –
Do not take that down!
They probably will in a
few hours, or days, but you people...
better get used to it: this is just a 
drop in the ocean. This is 
just the beginning...

You should be ashamed! 
for posting this, and labelling it: 


/ This poem was built, based on the comments of the vienna terror video. That was named by the uploader as an exclusive video. The full title was: Exclusive video… of the shooting from the first moments of the attack in Vienna, Austria… /

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