From now on, will it always be like this!?

(This is a translation of the original „Ezután mindig így lesz” poem. At some part it does differs from the original version, though, these differences are mostly because of the assonances and rhymes. But the meaning it carries, it is the same. Please if you find any mistakes, or you have any suggestions, let me know: as english is not my mother language: though i tried my best…)

Tell me…,
from now on, 
will it always be like this!?
That our life is 
dominated by dread and fear?

And from now on 
One could not go onto 
a shop, a temple, or a school?
Into restaurants, or museums? – 
and how and whether... 
into any place to!?

Without the tensions
and perceptions of safety
levitating constantly 
in our minds: if we 
– God forbid, and God forgive – 
speak the ill, or just want
to shout the truth of it, 
and our clear
voice may hurt the ear of 
a tapeworm, that’d
been defecated on a hill: 
and for this sick reason, 
because of perceived rights of his 
deaf beliefs, 
our head could be simply, 
cut and tossed down 
to the deep?

So... is this your faith? – my friend
This would be your religion?
Terrorism? Killingism?

Forcing your will, 
on someone else!?
So that, that I could not tell 
my opinion, as the heart 
would blair? –
As the common sense 
would tell!? – Now...

Tell me…,
from now on, 
will it always be like this!?
that the rotting mind of sick 
being... grabs a knife,
and threatens us with it!? 
and whenever and wherever – 
if he is in the mood, or 
its religion suggests them to abuse: 
they could simply prey upon us?
they can simply: kill?

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