Juwel 3 – The Wednesday Typewriter

Dear friends, typewriter enthusiasts!

Since the Wednesday netflix series came out, i’ve been working on Juwel typewriters.

These are the current projects, that are going for sale:


Let me know, if you’re interested in any of them.

I’m focusing mainly on refurbishing Juwel, Remington, and Underwood typewriters.

I’am an administrator in the Antique Typewriter Collectors – Collect, Learn & Repair! facebook group.

(Always a question: Is there any QWERTY in Juwel modell 3? The answear is: – 99% – no! The reason: these typewriters were mainly produced for german, and eastern european market. But probably it can be solved, by replacing-switching those type heads. Currently, i do not do that.)

I do happily ship typewriters to EU & USA as well.

The packaging is safe. I use bubble foam, and double boxing technique.

I always do a video of the typewriter before you would buy it. (Ask for it!)

I am a private person, so i do only accept paying with PayPal (as friend).

Shipping to US: 100Eur. (packaging is included)

Shipping to EU: 70Eur. (packaging is included)

If you’re looking for parts, ask, i might have them.

I live in Hungary, Székesfehérvár.

The Wednesday Typewriter - Copyright: László Ambrus
Juwel Modell 3 – The Wednesday Typewriter