Don’t forget to turn off she went out, to the kitchen,
she was thirsty, as a woman – can be –
turns the fool man’s head
the tap was turned, – easily
chilled brook across the
chromed tiny mouth
swayed with dignity
and pleasure
silent source of controlled
drops started falling on
her hands, and splattered
all over her face, stood there,
naked, and just smiled. – Will I be
the one, who turns the tap off?


Safe (i want to be)

Earth. With its dizzying speed 
of rotation around the Sun 
measured in hours per 
kilometer about a hundred 
and eighty thousand! 
Outside. The invisible chorion 
is the space with its frozen 
tongues that licks off the thickest
skin off anyones’ loopy face 
heartwarming two hundred 
and seventy Celsius – breath! 
in airless minus… And 
here she comes 
into the scene, the 
Woman, in fact: the second Sun – 
as a wayfarer as a strange binded meteorite – 
swinging through the kitchen – above the hot pan, 
starts talking about sustainability and livelihood: 
„I want to be safe!” /– so do I honey…/

Underwood Portable Repair

Underwood Portable Repair & Maintenance
Underwood Portable Repair & Maintenance
Underwood Portable Keys
Working Underwood Portable – With my poem…
Poem: I’m calm – typed on a Underwood Portable

Subjective shit ons

Daniel licked a pussy
asks, was I good?
Sure, are you such good
in everything else?



the case is like this:

while one is well
the other is the opposite
after that?

swap! but

such will never happen
that reaching to the same bowl-
at the same time: all of them...

– well and you my friend, from which direction are you making the rumble? –

‘cause, hey!
how big is the dog
and his fatty head, especially
when it’s fully fed.

/more sausage, anyone?/



my dear, sweet good... America
is there any bigger brooch
now, as the shit(e)
which glitters in gold
on a diva, as 
the inauguration that sinks into
a Super Bowl’s ceremonies
depths, and while the world from one 
shitty year, splashes onto an
other slippery bucket,
the other side, the rock hard
golfer tail, is being swapped
by the Gagas...
but let’s just stupidly hope, that the politics
can be different, and believe,
that shaking hoof with the devil,
this time will be definitely different...


of death? – nope!
not afraid of that
rather, what comes after

but let just not come, nothing can come!
say, that’s nothing else there, but 
silence, and permanent still.

need no soul, and
need no memories, nor pictures, or desires
all i want ist just silence, – without emotions
and final relief.


Tuned erections night in America…

Now, let’s pull out those damned
measures, get those folding rulers!
– let’s count! and let’s just not forget, that
in this time we measure in „Feet”: –
Let’s see whose weapons are longer,
who licks, and bends over the tighter
for the title: and tunes the unreal to
look more realistic!

We're in the finish line!
Well-well the secret pockets
are being emptied now: the scale beam
whimes as it tilts: – but which direction? 
from left to right, from right to left, 
shall we balance it? in the middle? 
no way! that’s not an option! – 
Biden, or Trump? – Trump or Biden? –
Republican, or the Democrat, who’s
the stinkiest meat now in the burger?

Who will succeed to climb back
potentially from the flaccidity? 
To drive sluggishly proud 
patriotes wild? Who is the more
convincing nationalist? Whose 
camp is bigger? whose Trumpet 
is louder? Who rants
on the swing better for the teasing
„comfort” of the Presidential table? Cause

The pot is now the matter! the
stimulating whip of their perversion: – 
their tuned erection’s desired „pagina”
which is not the Viagra, and not even the
self-sacrifice: down to meat n’ blood, 
but rather... a proud-proud, but 
limpy anchor’s – power slam on the map – , 
in the brainwasher water of the 
North Atlantic Ocean...

... which is scanned thereabouts 
by the cheerleaders:

(Let’s go!)


Exclusive video. Life – you! – wrote this…

Delete that!
Take that down!
Remove this video!
What is wrong with you? 

Delete that!
I've reported it! –
Everyone else should too!

Delete that WTF!
He died? What the fuck... 
did this guy do!? He just 
stood there with his 
back to the wall!

...If Biden is elected,
it would happen in the US… –
Do not take that down!
They probably will in a
few hours, or days, but you people...
better get used to it: this is just a 
drop in the ocean. This is 
just the beginning...

You should be ashamed! 
for posting this, and labelling it: 


/ This poem was built, based on the comments of the vienna terror video. That was named by the uploader as an exclusive video. The full title was: Exclusive video… of the shooting from the first moments of the attack in Vienna, Austria… /

From now on, will it always be like this!?

(This is a translation of the original „Ezután mindig így lesz” poem. At some part it does differs from the original version, though, these differences are mostly because of the assonances and rhymes. But the meaning it carries, it is the same. Please if you find any mistakes, or you have any suggestions, let me know: as english is not my mother language: though i tried my best…)

Tell me…,
from now on, 
will it always be like this!?
That our life is 
dominated by dread and fear?

And from now on 
One could not go onto 
a shop, a temple, or a school?
Into restaurants, or museums? – 
and how and whether... 
into any place to!?

Without the tensions
and perceptions of safety
levitating constantly 
in our minds: if we 
– God forbid, and God forgive – 
speak the ill, or just want
to shout the truth of it, 
and our clear
voice may hurt the ear of 
a tapeworm, that’d
been defecated on a hill: 
and for this sick reason, 
because of perceived rights of his 
deaf beliefs, 
our head could be simply, 
cut and tossed down 
to the deep?

So... is this your faith? – my friend
This would be your religion?
Terrorism? Killingism?

Forcing your will, 
on someone else!?
So that, that I could not tell 
my opinion, as the heart 
would blair? –
As the common sense 
would tell!? – Now...

Tell me…,
from now on, 
will it always be like this!?
that the rotting mind of sick 
being... grabs a knife,
and threatens us with it!? 
and whenever and wherever – 
if he is in the mood, or 
its religion suggests them to abuse: 
they could simply prey upon us?
they can simply: kill?

The New Hungarian Lamentations of Laszlo

/ a whip-poem /

Oh wounds,
Oh my purulent wounds!

Behold the
where the double-bladed
is hiding 
in „the minds” – whether 
they need it or not –
where carnation
is smelled by te orange ones
and oranges
gobbled-up by
where the – so called – 
„left-wing” is marrying with the „right”
and where the 
red-bloods get mixed-up
with orange – relatives...
...where the existence is
only a lamentation,
... here we are: without a mother,
beeing feed in a many-star death-row
raised by nutritions: that 
gets us blue n' yellow:
hungarians: just wanders – 
wanders, on their lands...

Oh, we, hungarians,
Oh, how motherless we are!

Our past and our future?
wawe the flag and be proud:
we torn like paper,
and shrink like cloth
we cry and dispute
and fleeding our home, and
in shame – or perhaps in 
arrogance we – hungarians 
slowly sink... – oh God! oh Lord!

Our history? – is a mistery
only a tale-like: 
Oh hungarian Mary!

And uur swords
that used to covered in blood?
if we had it once - 
well we swapped!
with new Hungarian mood!
and now we cry it,
to the sand –
with a dark
felt-tip pen
our sorrows: we complain
when and who has 
ever hurt us,
and where has 
the One pulled us
and well, – let's bee just honest – 
how many terrible thing can 
possibly happen to us...
after an other new thousands of 
years, – will we survive it? –
maybe, maybe it would be better,
to forget all of it... 

Oh wounds,
Oh my purulent wounds!
My borders! My mountains!

Cause to stand out of the weed
the only way is to be: weeder, – weeder than 
any of them, – but in case
if it would not work: then be stronger, and
be wiser: and scythe the whole meadow in weed!

Oh wounds,
Oh my yawning wounds – of stink!

and the guns…

and the guns
in our hands
will save
our lives:

and the guns
in our hands
will take
our lives

make the wars
and make it worse
watch the 
cruelty burst: 

great! again? what a shame! 
America has voted: – proud or poor?
should they be...
and here it is: their biggest brain!

– my oh my!

truly... what a gift!?
the 45th!? ... now pack it back! 
and let's just drift!

...and the guns
in their hands
will save
our lives?

and their guns
and their arms
will take our
our lives!


...and the hair
in the air has
been blown...
let's just hope 
that our hopes
have not long gone.

and the dreams 
in the hearts
will proudly stay: 
and those – hairs – are not the ones
that will soon....
be blown away.


The non-UNION

They say there is a UNION.
They say there is only One direction.
They say One for all 
And all for one!

I say there had never been one
I say it will never be one
And I say no one is for Anyone
And everyone’s for themselves.

They say: convergence
Common goals, and plans
They say we are one
And we think as one

I say there is a split.
Self-interest and privilege.
We’ve never been as one
And One we’ll never be.


In God We Trust . . .

In God we trust .  .  .
Who's belly is : green.
In greed called : lust
We claim our dreams.

For fun we kill
And for more we beg,
And stil we steal
Our fellowes lands.

Been proudly raised
By Our founding's hands
Who's soul was glazed
In Holy plans . . .

At least we see
How far they've got :
Kennedy's gone -
But they've got: Trump!?