and the guns…

and the guns
in our hands
will save
our lives:

and the guns
in our hands
will take
our lives

make the wars
and make it worse
watch the 
cruelty burst: 

great! again? what a shame! 
America has voted: – proud or poor?
should they be...
and here it is: their biggest brain!

– my oh my!

truly... what a gift!?
the 45th!? ... now pack it back! 
and let's just drift!

...and the guns
in their hands
will save
our lives?

and their guns
and their arms
will take our
our lives!


...and the hair
in the air has
been blown...
let's just hope 
that our hopes
have not long gone.

and the dreams 
in the hearts
will proudly stay: 
and those – hairs – are not the ones
that will soon....
be blown away.


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